R Shiny and how it turns scientists into web designers

I started to use ‘R’ around eight years ago, when graduating from university. This open-source programming language with a focus on statistics can be used -in the most simple case- to generate plots and visualizations that are more appealing than conventional ‘spreadsheet’ editors. While good looks certainly have a merit, something else has become more important. Read on if you want to know how Shiny gives scientists the possibility to share their insights with the public.

Screenshot from ShinyProt app: https://m-jahn.shinyapps.io/ShinyProt/

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Risk and Return: The economics of a photosynthetic cell

Today me and my co-authors published a paper in Cell Reports that is the result of a roughly two-year adventure into the economics of cyanobacteria. Now you wonder, what are cyanobacteria and why have they anything to do with economics? These questions evolve around a concept that has recently gained more attention, namely that the behavior of cells is governed by the availability of goods, and the need to make the best out of them when they’re limited. Let’s take a brief walk through the main ideas of the paper.


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Into the wild: Roslagen

Just North of Stockholm is a stretch of land on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, where unexpected richness and beauty of the landscape can be found. Just hop in your (rental) car and follow the E18 to Norrtälje, the capital of Roslagen, and with every mile you can see the city retreating in exchange for grass and cows and mellow hills. Continue reading Into the wild: Roslagen

Predicting football results: Fact or fiction?

The game is on! It’s FIFA world championship in football and we are in the middle of the group phase. Thirty-two teams are selected to play in groups of four against each other, only the two best teams of each group can go forward. We as the spectators are divided into two broad factions: The serious football gurus that follow all leagues and know every player, and the occasionally interested world cup zombie that awakes every four years from its sleep to watch this or that game. I certainly belong to the second class. Continue reading Predicting football results: Fact or fiction?

Yesterday, 23 people were killed by guns in the US

Yesterday, June 04 2018, 23 people were killed by guns in the US. This is a perfectly normal day in terms of US gun killings. In fact, it’s a good day for the American people as the number of killings was below the daily average of 34 victims. Continue reading Yesterday, 23 people were killed by guns in the US

Väst Kust Customs

This Göteborg landmark, the Gothia towers, features a pool attached to the building’s facade.

When you live in Stockholm and tell your friends or colleagues that you want to visit  the second-largest city in Sweden, it can happen that they raise an eyebrow and ask if you have some tiresome business there, or why else would anybody go to Göteborg? Continue reading Väst Kust Customs